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Common bulbul at El Karama Ranch. Javier Yanes/
Common bulbul
'Pycnonotus barbatus'
Swahili: Shore tako-jeupe

Best parks to see it: Widespread

Widespread and ubiquitous, absent only above 10,000 ft (3,000 m) and in thick forest. Very diverse and adaptable diet. Two subspecies share out Kenya's territory: 'P.b. dodsoni', which shows a white ear patch and mottled breast, inhabits the dry north and east regions. 'P.b. tricolor' (seen in the image) occupies the rest of the country. Lacks the ear patch and its breast is more uniformly coloured. A third subspecies, 'P.b. layardi', inhabits the south of Kenya and north of Tanzania east of the Rift.
Common bulbul at El Karama Ranch. J.Y./


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