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Downloads: GPS waypoints

Here you will find nearly 500 GPS waypoints of Kenya, which you can download in a single file or by regions. Each compressed zip file contains three files: the waypoints (.csv format), the notes describing them (.xls format) and a 'readme' file (.txt format). If you are not sure how to use this, keep scrolling down and underneath the table you will find more info.


  ALL KENYA WAYPOINTS (495 waypoints)
(36 KB)
  Central Highlands: Aberdares, Mt. Kenya, Laikipia (65 waypoints)
(13 KB)
  Eastern Highlands: Amboseli and Tsavo (68 waypoints)
(13 KB)
  Coast and Shimba Hills (29 waypoints)
(11 KB)
  Rift lakes: Naivasha, Nakuru, Bogoria, Baringo (75 waypoints)
(13 KB)
  Masai Mara (102 waypoints)
(14 KB)
  Meru (59 waypoints)
(13 KB)
  Nairobi city and national park (63 waypoints)
(12 KB)
  Samburu and Buffalo Springs (54 waypoints)
(12 KB)
  Printable list of all waypoints and their descriptions

The general format of descriptions is as follows: Isiolo A2 - Xing Samburu/Wajir B9. This means that the waypoint was marked at a crossroads on road A2 to Samburu at Isiolo. The junction is with road B9, which branches to the right side (the slash divides both directions, left/right) and heads for Wajir.
The waypoints were collected in 2001-2002 using a Garmin GPS 12. The data have .csv format (comma separated values). Some commonly used applications such as Microsoft Excel can read this format, but for using and transferring them to a GPS you will require some specific program. For instance, the one I use to process them is G7ToWin, by Ron Henderson. It can be downloaded free here.
The waypoints, the files containing them and the helper files belong to Kenyalogy and Javier Yanes. The author does not guarantee the accuracy of data nor assumes any liability for any damage that could arise upon using them. Since the descriptive notes were written by hand on site, some waypoints could be wrongly noted or duplicated.
The waypoints may be distributed freely as long as the 'readme' file is kept intact and is distributed along with any and each of the data files. Any commercial use of the data without express consent of the author is strictly forbidden.
If you collect your own waypoints while travelling in Kenya, I will be pleased to post them here. Obviously you will retain the property of your waypoints for using elsewhere, but Kenyalogy will only publish them free of charge with no commercial purpose.


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