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Black-backed jackal in Masai Mara National Reserve. Javier Yanes/
Black-backed jackal
'Canis mesomelas'
Other names: Silver-backed jackal
Swahili: Bweha nyukundu/Bweha shaba

Best parks to see it: Widespread

Three species of jackals are found in Kenya: golden jackal ('Canis aureus'), side-striped jackal ('Canis adustus') and black-backed jackal (in the image), being the latter the most common. These fox-like animals may live in groups or solitary and are highly omnivorous, with a diet ranging from carrion to small animals, insects, eggs and fruit or berries. They are also cooperative hunters and can kill even young antelopes.

Though jackals are not uncommon, their nocturnal habits make them a fairly unusual sight. They can be seen in the early morning wandering about in search for prey, but they are shy animals that normally keep at a distance and will run away if scared.
Black-backed jackal in Masai Mara National Reserve. J.Y./


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