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White rhino in Lake Nakuru National Park. Javier Yanes/
White rhinoceros
'Ceratotherium simum'
Swahili: Kifaru

Best parks to see it: Lake Nakuru

Rhinos are unmistakable animals, and the two African species, both present in Kenya, can be easily distinguished. However and despite their names, both are grey in colour. The 'white' is a corruption of the Dutch word 'weit', which means 'wide' in reference to its square lip, which is adapted for grass grazing. Males are solitary, and females can live in small family groups.

This one is also the bigger of the two species and it is more social and peaceful than the black rhino. Since rhinos have been hunted almost to extinction for their horns, sanctuaries and breeding programs have been created to protect them. They can be easily found grazing around the shores of lake Nakuru, specially at dawn or dusk.
White rhino in Lake Nakuru National Park. J.Y./

Black rhino in Masai Mara National Reserve. Javier Yanes/

Black rhinoceros
'Diceros bicornis'
Swahili: Kifaru

Best parks to see it: Lake Nakuru

The black rhino, which is also grey in colour, is a smaller and more active animal than its 'white' cousin. Its hooked-shaped lip is adapted to browsing shrubs and tree branches.

While white rhinos can be found grazing peacefully in open plains like cattle cows, black rhinos are more elusive and dynamic, and will usually be seen trotting through the thickets in search for leaves and herbs to eat. They are bad tempered animals that can turn around quickly and charge even if their eyesight is poor. They are most easily seen in Lake Nakuru National Park. They can also be found in other parks like Masai Mara, though they can be difficult to find.
Black rhino in Masai Mara National Reserve. J.Y./


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