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Kenyalogy, your internet Kenya safari guide
Now with more new contents in a fully renovated and updated website. Established in 2000, Kenyalogy is an independent Kenya safari guide made by a biologist, journalist and writer who has been travelling to Kenya for more than twenty years. Since first published, Kenyalogy has helped lots of travellers to the land where safari was born. No matter whether you choose a self-guided safari or a tour package, here you will finds loads of useful info and tips. Use the menu on the left to browse through the sections or choose from our highlighted contents below. And don't miss the new Magazine and the Kenyalogy guide in ebook. Enjoy and karibu sana!


Highlights from the Kenyalogy guide
  Get your safari on track with some tips about where, when and how to go about it. Yes, this is Africa, but beware. Nights and early mornings in Kenya can be really chilly.  
  Feeling a bit lost? Not sure about how to plan your visits to the parks? Check our suggestions. Lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino and elephant make up the list of the most wanted.  
  Aberdare National Park is a hidden gem that deserves a visit beyond Treetops and The Ark. Common sense and a little advice will keep you well protected from bugs and tiny critters.  

News from the bush
  Floods in Kenya. Kenya Red Cross Society Some roads have been cut off in several tourist areas
Apr 30, 2013. Torrential downpours that have been falling in Kenya since the beginning of the long rains season in March have left an outcome of 56 people dead and more than 85,000 displaced, according to informations provided by the Red Cross. Concerning the major tourist areas, the Western region, the Rift Valley, the Nairobi area and the coastal towns of Kilifi and Malindi have been severely affected. In all these regions the heavy flooding has resulted in landslides and many bridges have been washed away, making roads impassable. Read more
  Tabia Safaris in Fitur 2013. Javier Yanes/ The safari operators lack official support from Kenyan tourism bodies
Feb 01, 2013. Kenya is missing once again in the 2013 edition of Fitur, Spain's International Tourism Fair which opened on January 30 in the Ifema venue in Madrid. Although the absence of official representation for the East African country has been recurrent in past editions of Madrid's fair, this lack of interest from Kenya's governing bodies in one of the three most important tourism conventions in the world is specially notorious when compared with the effort made this year by other less developed African destinations, like The Gambia or the Democratic Republic of Congo. Read more
  Construction of Thika superhighway. Stephenwanjau via Wikipedia
Nairobi-Thika superhighway open to traffic
The new road makes the first leg of the future Nairobi bypass
Nov 16, 2012. The upgraded highway linking Thika with Nairobi, which has been now officially opened, is the first 8-lane road in East and Central Africa. Besides facilitating communications between the capital and the town of Thika, 41 km (25.5 miles) away, the A2 road is also the main route for travelling north to Aberdare and Mt. Kenya national parks, and farther to Isiolo and the Samburu area, where a new fast highway was opened last year heading north to Marsabit, Moyale and Ethiopia. A segment of the new Thika road will also serve as part of the future Nairobi bypass, currently under construction.
  Tana Delta. Ramsar
Tana river delta designated a Ramsar site
It is the 6th Wetland of International Importance in Kenya
Oct 12, 2012. The Tana river delta has been designated as Kenya's 6th listed Wetland of International Importance in the Ramsar Convention. With 163,600 hectares, the Tana river delta is the second most important estuarine and deltaic ecosystem in East Africa, harboring a rich variety of habitats and endangered species like the African elephant, Tana mangabey, Tana river red colobus and white-collared monkey. The new designation should help preserve an area threatened by commercial interests and troubled by a long-running ethnic conflict between the Pokomo and Orma communities.
  Tusk Camp, Aberdare National Park. Javier Yanes/
Bandas closed for renovation
Amboseli and Aberdare are the parks affected
March 15, 2012. Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has closed all self-catering banda-style accommodation facilities in Amboseli National Park for a much-needed renovation. The Fishing Lodge and Tusk Camp at Aberdare National Park have also been closed. KWS has not given an estimate of when these facilities will reopen. During the renovation works there will be no self-catering accommodations in Amboseli, while in Aberdare the small two-bed Sapper Hut will stand as the only option, and also the only accommodation in the park other than the one-night lodges Treetops and The Ark.
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