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Parks & reserves: Samburu, Buffalo Springs & Shaba National Reserves


Samburu, Buffalo Springs and Shaba are located some 300 km north of Nairobi, 325 km in the case of Samburu. Since the road north of Isiolo was upgraded, now it is an easy journey from the city. However if you decide to make an overnight stop along the way, Mount Kenya is a good bet. From here it is 70 km to Shaba, 85 km to Buffalo Springs and 90 km to Samburu.

The area is best approached by the A2 highway, which heads north from Nairobi passing Thika city. Heading on, the road turns west to border Mount Kenya, leaving the Aberdare range on the left and going through the towns of Nyeri and Nanyuki. Northbound again, the road enters scrubby landscape and reaches Isiolo, capital of the county in which Buffalo Springs and Shaba lie. Formerly the tarmac ended in Isiolo, but since this route was included in the project of the Trans East African highway, a new fast paved road has been built which avoids what used to be a grueling final trip leg riddled with insecurity.

North of Isiolo, both Buffalo Springs and Samburu will be on your left side, while Shaba will lie on your right. First you will find two entry points to Buffalo Springs, the southernmost of the three reserves. The first one is 20 km past Isiolo, where there is a road on the left leading to Isiolo Gate (formerly Ngare Mara Gate). Keeping on the main road and 10 km ahead from this point, 3.5 km before reaching the town of Archer's Post, a second road branches off to Buffalo Springs Gate.

Samburu and Shaba are reached from Archer's Post, some 35 km north of Isiolo. The entrance to Shaba is on the right side, and on the left there is a dusty five-kilometer track to Samburu's Archer's Post Gate. The latter reserve has another gate at its west end, but it is seldom used. Finally, Uaso Gate on the bridge over the Ewaso Nyiro river connects Samburu and Buffalo Springs.

From the main highland towns there are buses and matatus to Isiolo. From here there is a daily bus northbound calling at Archer's Post. This little town is close enough to the reserves to allow covering on foot the distance to Buffalo Springs and Samburu. At the gates, you may have the chance to get a lift into the reserves. Twice every day, Samburu's official vehicles make their way from Archer's Post to Samburu Game Lodge and back. Finally, there is an airstrip near Samburu Game Lodge.


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Samburu, Buffalo Springs and Shaba National Reserves
Buffalo Springs
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